Thursday, February 22, 2018

[Black Clover] Episode 20 impressions

Episode 20
"Assembly at the Royal Capital"

I liked the Dungeon episodes, and I definitely liked this episode. Here’s to hoping it gets better from here on out. Only reason I’ve watched up to this point is that it has potential. I like the concept of grimoires as well as the world as we’ve seen it so far. The love interest stuff is super cringey though...

I love the banter between Asta and Yuno.

A nice new opening and start of this new arc of Black Clover, we get to see a lot of Mimosa in love with Asta and how Noelle gets a her first love rival.

After seeing those "noble" magic knights, Klaus isn't the biggest asshole in town anymore.

At the very least they showed the wizard king using swords of revealing light. Otherwise, I would be so confused if I was even watching Black Clover.

That's my boy Asta! I really liked this episode, it didn't feel like there were a lot of filler scenes. (even though I can't really tell because I don't read the manga).

Can confirm, there were no filler scenes in this episode.

Noelle, Klaus, and Mimosa are all nobles

Klaus is from a noble family while Noelle and Mimosa are from two Royal families. Noelle and Mimosa are considered above Klaus in terms of social standing.

It should be noted that Clover Kingdom's Magic Emperor is NOT it's political ruler, they have a King.

Yeah, the Magic Emperor is the Commander-in-Chief of the Magic Knights, aka the Army, while the King has political and bureaucratic power.

Well, where you have been last 10 episodes? They were great, especially current one.

The series was good from the beginning.

Finally! This new arc that is coming up is gonna be full of action.

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