Sunday, February 25, 2018

[Beatless] Episode 6 "Higgins Village" impressions

Episode 6
"Higgins Village"

The show seems to be self-aware that how bad an MC Arato is and that the audience is only here for the robot waifus. Great insight on Imouto-chan's part.

wait, next episode's name is "Boy meets pornography"
Nothing much this episode but a decent amount of information.
Stitch of Lacia and Methode. Looks like they are going to fight

Why do they look like they are going to fight when their clothes are already damaged ?

Lacia works as a model so it's probably just some new trend she's supposed to advertise. Methode had to improvise and attacked someone for their clothing in order to fit in at the party.

I expected to dislike Methode on first sight, but her standing on the line in a war between pro-human and pro-AI factions is actually interesting. Not sure if she can match Kouka, though...
I guess the timid scientist was Arato's father ?
Anyway, I like how this arc is starting.

Agreed, I was worried Methode was just faking niceness to her as a part of Watari’s scheme. But despite her initial appearance (and behavior in the OP), she seems like she might have more depth than expected.

Don't think so. Arato mentioned that he was at some university town.

There was a disturbing lack of best girls Kouka and Lacia(not enough of her) this episode.
From what I understand, the explosion from episode 1 was on purpose, the hiE joined up with owners so they could survive longer (maybe to fulfill some hidden agenda?) and Shiori seems to have a crush on Arato maybe. Anyway, looks like we'll have a fight next episode, looking forward to it

There's no maybe about it,she's very clearly crushing on him.I can already see her taking Methode's proposal so she can get rid of Lacia as a "love rival" or something in those lines.

This looks like it's about to pick up, will be interesting to see what happens next. Poor Shiori wants to join MC's harem but the company isn't having any of it

well this episode made me think that ryou is actually dead, and hes an hIE, considering the incident n stuff thats happened. Also no spanish guitar, thought they would sneak it in when they mentioned kouka.
also lacia looks amazing in every outfit so far.

Shiori's crush towards Arato is more than just puppy love. As much as she loves her brother, I believed she has this layer of resentment towards him. Ryo was always the dependable and carried the weight of the family. However after 'that incident', it changed Ryo and now, Shiori has to live up to those standards, thus Shiori was trapped in a box where her fate is predetermined. When Arato came in, Shiori might be replacing Ryo with Arato who is more reliable than any of Ryo's friends.

I think we are now in the 2nd part of Beatless. (the one that goes past the translated manga)


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